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   At Chit Shun Enterprises we manufacture one of the most unique and exciting lines of mini radios and sports radios in the world. A Chit Shun radio is know for it's sleek style, light weight, durability and world class sound quality. We are a world class manufacture of quality mini sport radios, and desktop mini clocks.

   As one of the leading radio manufacturers our subsidiary Chit Shun Electronics, is in a unique position to buy a large amount of I/C chips (used in toys, games, mini-electronic devices). Our purchasing power not only guarantees exceptional quality but also the lowest cost. To give you an idea of our size, we consume almost 25% of the worldwide supply of I/C. At Chit Shun we have implemented numerous quality control measures that not only allow us to meet, but exceed the exacting standards set by the FCC in the United States and the EC standards for the European countries. Since we are one of the world's largest suppliers we are able to closely monitor supply issues and worldwide consumption trends before they reach the shores of the United States and Europe.     Our line includes the ever popular Cyber 2000 Radio, our popular Voice Memo, our Micro Voice Memo (a mini recorder), the Micro FM Auto Scan Radio, the Travel size AM/FM Radio with LCD Alarm Clock, the World Smallest AM/FM Radio, the AT-369S Mini Sports Radio, the All-Weather FM Radio, the LCD Alarm Clock, the LCD Clock Timer, the FM Auto Scan Radio with Speaker. the AM Wrist Radio and many other mini sport radios with many different designs. We are always adding new mini clocks and mini radios!

   Remember, Chit Shun Enterprises Co., LTD. has been in the radio manufacturing business for well over 30 years. Before establishing the Chit Shun Enterprises Co., LTD. label in 1990 we were operating as a profitable radio manufacturer and electronics supplier known as Chit Shun Electronics.

So, when it comes to sports radios, mini radios, as well as other electronics, Chit Shun is a name you can depend on!

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