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   At Chit Shun Enterprises we manufacture one of the most unique and exciting lines of radios in the world.  Due to the intense competitive pressures we must constantly strive to innovate our product lines. Most of our radios have a sleek style are very light weight and durable which makes them perfect for outdoor uses. Their competitive prices and imprint areas also make them well suited to premiums and promotion market. 

   A Chit Shun radio is know for its world class sound quality.  As a result, we hold sacred our most valuable asset, which is our manufacturing process which no one has been able to duplicate.  The products we produce utilize the highest quality electronic parts.  Parts alone cannot make a great sounding radio.  Our specialized manufacturing process combined with superior parts produce hi-fi quality sound that is leaps and bounds ahead of our competition.  

   We are customer service oriented and welcome special requests.  Our team of Designers, and Electrical and Mechanical engineers are very inventive.  Due to our in-house capabilities we do not have to outsource our projects.  This keeps the channels of communication very open between the production line and the customer and results in highly efficient production schedules that allow us to bring a product to market faster than any of our global competitors. 


   The ownership and management of CHIT SHUN ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. has been in the radio manufacturing business for well over 30 years.  Before establishing the CHIT SHUN ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. label in 1990 we were operating as a profitable radio manufacturer and electronics supplier known as Chit Shun Electronics.  As a result of our profitable track record, our factory has secured sound financial backing, and unlike most of our competitors we are not dependent on government subsidies.  Chit Shun Electronics is a subsidiary of our parent company and is successful electronics supplier to most of our competing factories as well as our own.  Our dominance and purchasing power allows us to bring the cost savings down to our customers.  

Chit Shun Electronics 

   As one of the leading radio manufacturers our subsidiary  Chit Shun Electronics, is in a unique position to buy a large amount of I/C chips (used in toys, games, mini-electronic devices).  Our purchasing power not only guarantees exceptional quality but also the lowest cost.  To give you an idea of our size, we consume almost 25% of the worldwide supply of I/C.  At Chit Shun we have implemented numerous Quality control measures that not only allow us to meet, but exceed the exacting standards set by the FCC in the United States and the EC standards for the European countries.  Since we are one of the world’s largest suppliers we are able to closely monitor supply issues and worldwide consumption trends before they reach the shores of the United States or Europe.  

Factory Capacity

   Our success is dependent on our ability to bring to market unique and innovative designs of radios.  Over the past decade, our factory has been expanded to 5,000 sq. ft.  Our factory size may appear smaller than some of our competitors, but unlike our competitors we utilize state of the art proprietary manufacturing techniques, which dramatically reduces the amount of floor space required, not to mention the secret behind the great sound quality of our radios.  To demonstrate our manufacturing efficiency, our capacity is equivalent to that of a traditional radio manufacturer with 100,000 sq. ft. of floor space.  We employ a staff of over 200 laborers and are able to produce the same quantity of radios as a traditional radio manufacturer with 1,000 laborers.  Depending on the model, we can produce 500,000 – 700,000 units monthly.     


   It is our belief the customer’s needs are first and foremost.  That is why we believe we offer one of the widest assortments of packaging options in our industry.  Some of our options include gift boxed packaging, blister packaging, clamshell, and insert packaging. By making these options readily available we have been able to broaden our reach to customers in the mail order/catalog business as well as the mass merchants/retailers.  

   We also offer customization of our product line.  We decorate our radios with our state of the art Screen Printer which allows us to do up to 7 color processes for almost any logo.  Radios have always been an exceptional premium item and our design department is happy to offer a custom designed box upon request. 


   Over the years we have found that most importers who desire products made in China, often purchase their products from a trading company instead of the actual manufacturer.  If you are new to importing the different levels of sales layers can be frustrating to cope with.  On some occasions products are bought and sold three or four times before reaching the customer. These sales layer inflate consumer prices. Our company has many resources and can normally find the direct manufacturer for virtually any product and negotiate the best possible sales price for you. In addition to the low prices we have warehouses in the United States to help you distribute your goods.  

Import Service 

   In an effort to stay competitive in an evolving sales environment, Chit Shun began importing new and innovative products from Asia in 1996 with one of our trading partners.  This arrangement vertically integrated Chit Shun into a Hong Kong based manufacturing/ marketing/distribution company, which essentially bypasses many layers of middle men and sales agents who normally inflate the costs and end up reducing the profit margins.  On average we can reduce your prices by almost 50% and put you in touch with the manufacturer.  By allowing you direct communication with the manufacturer we reduce tedious lines of communication so you can get exactly what you want at the price you need.  


   We are confident that we have one of the highest levels of quality standards, if not the highest level in the industry.  Therefore we are proud to offer a 90 day full warrantee from the date of delivery.  Before a sale is made we are able to furnish CE and FCC Approval certifications which are required for import.  


   Major orders for our products and OEM projects are continually coming in from US, Europe, South America, Australia as well as other Asian countries.

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